Covid 19 Updates

Covid 19 Related Procedures

Post 4th July 2020 


CQB Site maximum number will be 30 (125)*               * pre-pandemic maximum numbers

Covid 19 related Booking Procedures

1. No person may just ‘turn up/walk on’ on the site.
2. Players must Pre-Book online at:
(No deposit required as usual except for a hire weapon)

Each booking must stipulate who is attending. The comments box must stipulate if any are attending but not playing.

Entry to the site and movement within the areas outside of the game zone.

1. All persons entering the site will be subject to a non-contact temperature check.
a. Amber and red readings will result in the person/vehicle refused entrance.
2. All vehicles will be parked no less than 2 meters from any other vehicle.
3. All persons will don face coverings when moving from vehicle to, and within the safe zone at all times, including trips to the toilet and returning to their vehicle/carpark except when:
a. Within designated personal bay.
b. When donning a game mask.
4. Social distancing is the preferred method of removing the chance of infection transmission and will be applied.
5. Use of suitable face coverings will be required within the game areas if social distancing cannot be temporarily achieved.

Game Area

1. Players will be instructed on the entry and exit procedures as part of the Site Safety Brief.

Game types.

1. Games will reflect the current Risk and be tailored accordingly.

Payments and Retail.

1. Facilities are on site and we can take Cash and Credit/Debit cards at any of our Sites.

2. All items sold will be sprayed at the players request prior to hand over.

3. There will be no Hot food available (Unless you have purchase the lunch package).

4. There will be free Tea & Coffee throughout the day.

Hire Equipment

1. All hire equipment will be sprayed and disinfected prior to issue as per normal.
2. Players who hire equipment, will be briefed on return protocols at the end of the day.


1. All players will be briefed on what to do in case of emergency that is Covid 19 specific on the SiteSafety Brief.

Strike Back Events will ensure the following:

1. Sanitiser available. (Minimum of 70% alcohol content).
2. Toilets to have toilet roll.
3. Toilet sinks have soap available.
4. Paper towels for drying hands.
6. Fabric face masks will be available should HMG guidelines dictate. These will be available for any player who needs them. (each cost £2.00 and is retained by the Player)