Site Rules

All the rules laid out here shall apply to all parties without exception, whether they are members or visitors.

The phrase site refers to all gaming areas and all other properties owned or leased by Strike Back Events.

The playing area is defined as the Airsofting Site and players should not play in any other area. Area boundaries will be defined and enforced by Strike Back Events Staff

Strike Back Events operate a Zero Tolerance Rule against abuse of any kind towards Strike Back Events Staff, Marshals, and other players

The Strike Back Events management team reserves the right to refuse admission and/or exclude any individual or groups it deems necessary from the site without explanation, where they deem circumstances may require it.


1. All members and visitors must sign in before entering any part of the site (excluding the car park).

2. All players and visitors must ensure they have signed an insurance waiver (which can be downloaded from our website here) before they start the day.

2a. Visitors who wish to go out on the game area must always be escorted. Non-players e.g. photographers must fill out the insurance waiver form (which can be downloaded from our website here) prior to entering the game area.

3. All Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk.

4. Any players under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out the Under 18`s Indemnity Form (which can be downloaded from our website here) in order to give consent to play.

5. Due to Strike Back Events Insurance restrictions no one under the age of 10 may play at the site. Persons aged between 10 and 12 must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult (or an appointed competent person).

6. A mobile phone is available to call emergency services in the event of an accident and All Strike Back Events Marshal’s carry a First Aid Kit and all qualified Marshals are fully certified Emergency First Aiders. In addition, all assistant and junior marshals carry a First Aid Kit. A full BS 8599 first aid kit and stretcher will be held in readiness at the designated safe zone.

7. Eye protection is mandatory by law in the form of goggles or approved glasses; it is a legal requirement that full-face protection be worn by anyone under the age of 18. Those wearing goggles (mesh or plastic) or glasses (mesh or plastic) do so at their own risk. Strike Back Events will not accept responsibility for injuries to the face where only goggles or glasses (mesh or plastic) are worn.

8. Safety glasses/masks will be worn correctly at all time in the gaming areas UNLESS AUTHORISED BY A MARSHAL.

9. All safety regulations set out within these rules or covered by the Safety Brief will be strictly adhered to by all parties whilst on site. Failure to comply may result in exclusion for the offending parties.

10. No genuine knives of any description barring multi-tools are allowed on site; dummy/plastic knives for gaming purposes are allowed but must have been checked by Strike Back Events Staff on game day.

10a. No Lasers are allowed on site. ALL night aids, including torches and night vision equipment of any

kind will be subject to scrutiny prior to any Strike Back Events Event.


11. The appointed marshals are the official representatives of the Strike Back Events management team.

12. When a Marshal calls Ceasefire, all players will remove their magazines, make their weapon safe by turning the selector switch to single shot and firing twice into the ground & then reapply the safety selector switch to safe, place their weapon/s on the ground and must not move unless asked to do so.

13. Marshals - The marshal's word is final.

14. Marshal’s assistants are only there to assist the Marshals and follow their directions.

15. All firing must stop as soon as "End Ex / Game Over" is called and/or the whistle/hooter is blown. Weapons should be made safe by removing the magazines; make their weapon safe by turning the selector switch to single shot and firing twice into the ground & then reapply the safety selector switch to safe. Weapons that have fixed box mags are to be electrically disconnected.

16. Injuries must be reported immediately to your nearest Marshal so that designated First Aid staff can render assistance.


17. Do not climb up or on structures or trees.

18. Some areas of the site may be slippery and uneven, and players should take adequate care when entering or playing in these areas.

19. Be aware that there may be fallen trees and logs on the ground and care should be taken around them.

20. Be aware of branches that are at head height and these cause a potential eye hazard.

21. Structures have been built to enhance the playing enjoyment but are not permanent and must not be modified or interfered with without prior permission from a Strike Back Events Marshal.

22. No fires are allowed on the site without the express permission and supervision of Strike Back Events management or their representatives.

23. There will be No Smoking (unless authorized by a Strike Back Events Marshal) in the game area by players actively involved in the game.

24. Players should be prepared for both warm and cold days and bring suitable attire and sufficient water/fluids to last the whole day.


25. Before returning to any Safe Zone or leaving the game area at any point weapons must be unloaded, this means the magazine should be removed, and two shots fired into the ground to empty the chamber. Weapons that have fixed box mags are to be electrically disconnected prior to entering any safe area.

26. The designated Safe Zone(s) must be strictly adhered to. This means NO magazine in weapons, safety catches must be on, no Player firing (dry or otherwise) in or around the safety zone, and no pyrotechnics to be discharged in or around the safety zone. Players will be advised of location of the test firing area on game day.

27. There will be No Firing at safety zones or moving through or around them if you are still active in the game.

28. Once a player is dead, they must make their way immediately and directly to the designated safe zone or re-spawn point as briefed on an individual game basis.


29. You will declare your hits and raise your hand in a manner that makes it clearly visible.

30. If you suspect anyone of cheating then report it to a Strike Back Events marshal. They will then take the appropriate action. There will be no cheat calling.

31. Cheating is deemed deliberately not declaring your hits.

32. Cheating is deemed deliberately straying out of designated boundaries stated by Marshals running the game.

33. Cheating is deemed playing dead when not.

34. Cheating is deemed straying from any defensive perimeter as defined by Strike Back Events Marshals.

35. Cheating is deemed using a weapon above Strike Back Events specified limits.

36. Cheating is deemed when a dead player communicates by word, gesture, radio or any other means to players still active in the game.

37. A hit is anywhere on the body, including clothing, webbing, and holsters.

38. A hit on the weapon held in the hand or hands is not a hit. However, any changes to this rule will be explained and clarified at each game brief.

39. When a grenade is used all players within the distance specified in the safety brief are killed.

40. When hit, shout loudly hit (unless told otherwise on game brief), stand up and place your hand above your head, SO IT IS OBVIOUSLY ON SHOW FOR OTHER PLAYERS TO SEE. If dead and moving to a designated safe zone, state loudly ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ so all players know you have been hit.

41. OVERKILL – always avoid overkill. It only takes one round to take someone out.

42. Deliberate headshots will not be tolerated at any time and will be dealt with by the marshals most harshly. When only the head is presenting a target, a single headshot will be permitted.

43. Any weapon or equipment failures do not make players exempt from being shot, however you may declare yourself dead and retire to the safety zone or respawn point as per rule 40 until the following game or until you have corrected the fault, if possible notify your nearest Strike Back Events Marshal.


44. The Strike Back Events limit is set at no more than 1.14Joules (which equates to 350 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for all auto capable Airsoft weapons.

45. The Strike Back Events limit is set at no more than 2.32Joules (which equates to 500 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Minimum engagement range is 35 metres.

46. DMR. The Club limit is set at no more than 1.68 Joules (equates to 425FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) Minimum engagement range is 25 metres.

The DMR must:

• Be Mechanically/Physically locked to semi-automatic as an absolute. i.e. it is physical impossibility for it to be used in automatic mode. This includes burst fire.

• Weapon to start as a rifle only. Outer barrel length to be comparable to an M16 and or have a real steel counterpart.

• Magazine capacity not to be in excess of 150

• Firing system (if fitted) regulated/set to prevent Spamming or allowing adaptation for Spamming.

• Weapon fitted with a scope with magnification.

• If a Weapon can be interchanged with different receivers then it must be declared to Strike Back Events Marshals and locked out accordingly.

• If the system is sold by a manufacturer as a DMR then this acceptable and point 2 can be waived if need be.

• Minimum engagement range is 25 metres.

• Abuse of these rules will lead to exclusion from Strike Back Events.

47. Strike Back Events limit is set at no more than 1.14Joules (equates to 350 FPS calculated with 0.2g 6mm BBs) for all Airsoft pistols and shotguns.

48. All weapons will be chronographed at the beginning of the day or at Strike Back Events discretion. All HPA systems to be locked out after passing chrono. If a system cannot be locked out, then Head Marshal is to be made aware and his/her decision is final. If over the limit, that gun will be returned to the safe zone for adjustment or barred from use for the rest of the day. Random checks can and will be made throughout the day.

49. Unless dictated otherwise: No shooting deliberately though any gap smaller than the equivalent to the size of an A4 sheet. Bang/ knife / grenade kills will be explained on a day by day basis as per the safety brief.

49a. Only grenades and smoke grenades bought from an approved retailer may be used on site. All grenades be they pyro operated, or gas are subject to Strike Back Events Senior Marshals approval. BFG grenades are classified the same as pyro grenades for ‘kill radius’.

50. Under 18’s are not permitted to purchase pyrotechnics.

51. If an airsoft grenade, flash bang or BFG is activated then do not attempt to pick it up as it is a potentially dangerous device.

52. BFG grenades or their equivalent must be used underhand only and not against Gravity. i.e. lobbed.

53. No grenades to be throw through the roof of a structure and no Grenade can be thrown to or from (includes dropping) any floor higher than ground level. Rolling grenades downstairs/stairwells is acceptable.

54. Misuse of the BFG will result in the BFG being removed from the game.

Verbal abuse, threats of violence and assault will result in the player(s) being told to leave the site. Players should be aware that if the matter is deemed to be so serious after investigation that, Strike Back Events management reserve the right to ban players from any of their sites.

Strike Back Events management’s decision is final and binding in all circumstances.

All players are always thanked for their co-operation in abiding by the above rules. These rules have been compiled to prevent any confusion arising from games and to ensure that the site is run safely for the benefit and enjoyment of all. If you have any questions regarding the above, please refer them to the Strike Back Events management team or their representatives.

Although Strike Back Events are not in a public area you may still encounter a member of the public. All activities must cease until they have moved out of the area and a marshal must be informed of their location immediately.